Singapore stands for Bad Service

It’z been a pretty good day today ^_^ I woke up this morning with the opening bars of ‘Wen Rou’ in my head, then spent the rest of the day singing ‘Xiang Xin’ to myself…*grin* hope nobody heard me. Met a couple of people from #mayday, then met my friend for dinner at Jurong Point Swensens. I swear the service industry is getting from bad to worse. First that TITLEWAVE bookshop, now Swensens. Anyway, what was good was that my friend and her sister complained about the service, and we got our meal on the house because of that. I don’t normally go looking to complain about service staff, but stlll, bad service is bad service. I felt bad for the manager though, coz she had to handle our complaints and give us a free meal on top of that. My compliments to Hoi Yee, she looked harassed, but her service was waaayyy better than another 2 managers, who looked liked they were hanging around waiting for closing time, and she took the trouble to listen to us and apologize AND give us the complimentary meal. The service industry needs more people like her


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