Listening to: Mayday’s songs on their new album 時光機 – 賭神, 雌雄月同体, 阿母斯壯, 輕工,恆星的恆心 (awww, my heart melted when they played it for the VERY 1ST TIME at the SG concert!!) ^_^ and Meteora

HA! no updates for 1 and 1/2 months. ^_______^ (阿信’s fave ‘smiley’ on PTT hehe), Can’t believe it’s November already, 2003 just swept by like that, I didn’t even have time to dwell on anything. Been busy with other stuff i guess, actually I’ve been coming home from work and watching tv and going online till 3 am daily since the Mayday concert last week. Can’t believe it’s already been a week!! It seems waaaay longer than that! Ohhh, 伍佰’s new album will be released in December!!! Mayday’s 4th album 時光機 will be officially released 11th November, 11/11/2003. ok ok a little summary:


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