me against the world

Listening to: the whirring of the fan

hmm, haven’t been updating here for some time, Mindsay makes it so much easier and convenient. I don’t want to stop this blog though. Wondering if I should mirror my Mindsay blog here as well…oh well, I’ll have a think on it and decide later.

Anyway, wrote this on 1st May, but i forgot to put it up. Stumbled across it after I was clearing out the rubbish in my HDD.


朋友本來就不多﹐結婚的結婚﹐生了孩子的生了孩子﹐拍拖的拍拖﹐大家過著自己忙忙碌碌的生活﹐我反而逼著自己去習慣獨來獨往﹐me against the world, 還覺得滿酷的,。一個人搭巴士﹐一個人搭地鐵﹐一個人逛街﹐一個人看電影﹐一個人聽音樂﹐一個人上班﹐一個人下班﹐一個人吃飯。難道真的要寂寞的過一輩子嗎。

年輕真的就是驕傲。從來沒覺得寂寞是一種難過﹐今天突然間覺得我真的能這樣的過下去嗎。 我看, 還是得撐下去吧.


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