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Mindsay is down leh, alamakz….i hope it’s up soon, and I hope i dun lose my stuff like that guy did. but at least he did get it back, thank goodness.

anyway, N came back from our HQ finally, and decided not to take on the new post. Something disgusting happened to her there. I mean, it wasn’t bad or shocking like leave-a-permanent-scar-on-the-soul or leave-her-paranoid kind of disgusting, but it’s something u never think happens in real life. you always think stuff like that happens only in the movies or on tv, or hear about them in those slutty-receptionist-who’s-sleeping-with-the-boss situation in some other company, but this is happening for real. I mean, is the HQ like some hotbed of sleaze or what? This is not the 1st thing I’ve heard about, there’s been other rumours about other things as well, but that’s neither here nor there.

what was even more disgusting about it was the way they covered it up. I mean, he said he was a liberal guy. SO FUCKING WHAT!!?? that doesn’t give him the right…and that definitely doesn’t give those others the right to cover it up. She was pretty unhappy about that. Ok fine, so maybe they were covering up for one of their own, but I expected boss to do something and say something about it. All he asked her was if she would regret giving up the post another few months down the road, and whehter she would be uncomfortable in dealing with him even if it were just through mail or over the phone. HELLO!!! the answer is soooo obvious rite!! I do have a lot of respect for boss, but this broght it down a notch or two. I mean, granted, he couldn’t have said or done anything about it, but he treated it so … clinically. Well, I don’t know the entire story, so I guess I can’t comment any more on it.

But this has finally opened my eyes up to the management here. I’ve been fairly unhappy with them all along, esp with their way of dealing with employees and the whole HR management. I don’t know if it’s the European way of dealing with employees, but they have never seemed to care about their employees. To them, we’re just another number to be crunched, another statistic to be analysed, another form of output, production and, hopefully profit. If we quit, fine, just go get another number to fill up the space. what a load of fucking crap. I thought only stat boards and that big fat ass did that, looks like I’ve been proven wrong.

The turnover rate here has been so high recently, I barely get to hear of some new employee before he ups and leaves and some other new guy comes along. I mean, what kind of bloody kink in their management-soaked brain convinces them that hiring and training new employees and then letting them go is cheaper then spending some well-deserved money on staff benefits and rewards? I don’t know who dictates this sort of policy that HR is handled this way, but I think I’ll be better off living without it, the sooner the better.

Having my meeting with boss tomorrow, don’t what to say to him.


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