2.19am, wondering if i should start an entry now.

3 weeks without an entry, 2 of which i spent in HK. I seem to have been trying to catch up with lost time since i came back to Singapore on the 24th, after being in HK from 11th – 23rd. I nvr felt this way before, but this time round, having had a “media shut-down”, i felt like i was in limbo, everybody’s lives seemed to be 2 weeks ahead of me. i mean it was only 2 weeks, but i had totally not been updated with friends, colleauges and family, and it felt so weird to sit there and hear them talking of stuff i didn’t realise had happened, really really weird.

so much of my life happens on the net or around the net now, that after 2, 3 weeks of not online-ing, it’s like i was stuck somewhere floating in limbo, didn’t know which way was up. lolz, i was online 1 night last week, wed or thurs, and gave all the wrong answers to latte and boh and shir haha, connection was waaayy off.

but still there was enough activities happening this week to keep me and my mind occupied. besides having a new boss (bleah), ot-ing for most of the week, stressing out over so much work (both SG and HK), i oso attended FIR’s concert and auto on Sunday, less than 24 hours after i got back ^__^, and got to watch Zhang Zhen Yue and Free Night ‘live’ !! thanks to the SFF organizers for getting them in, that was a really high gig last nite. dun thk i’ll have the time and patience to describe it, hehe, head over to doudou’s blog for more details lolz.

Limbo…I seem to be in limbo age-wise too. I finally realized 20 mins ago, i’m now offically 32 years old for about 2.5 hours now. i forgot about my birthday 😛 it’s like i remarked to shir just now
me: recently don’t seem to have a sense of the days passing by…it’s all a blur
her reaction: too bz…but i guess it’s a gd thing too…at least days r filled up
and then mine: haha datz true, but i dowan to suddenly get older leh, without realising “it”

it all seems like an omen that Sumiko Tan wrote this article today,4386,264470,00.html? . I’ve been following her articles on and off for the past 10 years, she’s had her fair share of detractors, but i do like her style of writing. She’s 9 years older than me, and a senior from my ex-college too. It might be too thick-skinned of me to say so, but I like to think of my life taking a parallel to hers, well except she’s waaay prettier 😛 and has had her share of romances and boyfriends, and has a great career. well, nvr mind, there goes the parallel. but anyway, 10 years down the road, i really hope i can look that good, or at least just not like a fat old hag, and have a great career as well. We can all hope, can’t we. I think i still have a lot of lessons to learn in the next 10 years, and the next 10…

I just don’t want to keep pretending i’m 25 all the time, and that it’s a great big joke, but one day, I’ll just wake up and all of a sudden kids 10 years younger than me are married with kids, and i’m this old spinster virgin hag trying to act 20 years younger. I’m 32 now, sure, but does that mean i can’t go for autos and concerts and be crazy over Mayday and Wubai and ah Yue and Beyond? I am an adult, I work and earn my own money, i make most of my own decisions, ok i live with my parents, but i still lead my own life, why shouldn’t i just do what I’m happy with? I’m happy with what i’m do now, although i feel i should be doing other ‘adult’ stuff as well, but honestly, ‘adult’ stuff bores me to tears. … limbo …

But Happy birthday to me for now, and thanks to Sumiko to your timely reminder 😀


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