Montblanc? i think not…

hehe i’m cheating a bit here, it’s 3am on sunday morning rite now, but i just have to update this.

1st of this entry is to say that our office clowne, EP is officially leaving after just 8 months. sigh…guess he just didn’t want to put up with all that BS our Penang counterparts deals out to us all the time. It’s crap the way this company doesn’t value it’s staff, morale is pretty low most of the time, altho IPL does his best to keep us happy sometimes. oh well, my congratulations to EP and hope he finds a girlfriend there in that office where he apparently will be surronded by a lot of females, and best of all, a very very chio boss hehe.

2nd part of this entry, is the really lame joke he made during lunch time. we were harping again, well I was, on our new mgr’s fake MontBlanc pen, rollerball I think, which he carries around all the time. They’re available in Shanghai for like S$2 each. and today I saw that the black glossy coating was flaking off our mgr’s pen, which makes it look really bad.

lolz, EP just commented (he can be such a bitch sometimes haha): “eh, he’s not carrying a Montblanc alrite, he’s carrying a mongmong pen”. lolz, i think we were all too stressed by it, coz we all cracked up over it, and were joking about mongmong pens all day long.


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