Get a life

fucking unbelivable. i knew she backstabbed people who she didn’t like, which is just about everybody, now she’s backstabbing me. No surprise there. What’s fucking unbelivable? using sms to do it. Geez,get some balls, just say it straight to my face that i’m not doing a good job, don’t bloody go behind my back and use an sms to do it. And besides, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! She can’t even handle her own jobs, gotta get 2 assistants AND the boss to do them for her, and she’s telling ME how to do MY job? Why don’t you make lesser personal phonecalls and not surf the net so much in the office? Maybe you could get some work done and live up to that managerial post he slapped on you, instead of whining about it all the time. Don’t you think you’re an embarrassement? you call yourself a high-class administrative assistant? when you can’t even answer the phone properly and get complaints all the time? Fishing for ego-boosters? That’s pathetic. Your ego’s big enough to fit in a Lexus MPV, and that ego is built on all the wrong reasons.

What did you expect? that i would be under your thumb all the time? i mean, get a life, you bitch, your own life. I’m sick and tired of the bloody empress dowager act, shouting commands left and right. People are here to work, not bow and scrape to you, you want that, go get it from your own friends, whatever few you have left.

Why is she so bloody petty about stuff just because it doesn’t go her way all the time? It’s not her world we’re living in. Imagine, nobody wants to talk to her now, that’s really sad and pathetic. I wonder how a person can go around behaving like that all the time and alienating all their friends and colleagues, and still not think it’s their own fault.

She’d better open her eyes and open them soon. Or he’d better open them for her. Stop stroking her ego, you idiot.


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