Kukup, JB – 1988

My first trip overseas, I got the passport made because of this. So many years back. I think it was a school geography trip, to Kukup in JB, 1-day trip, there and back on 3rd June 1988. I was in Seconday 4, Fairfield Methodist Sec and I loved Geography. It was a one-day trip but I don’t remember much about it anymore, I remember we ate seafood 🙂 food’s very important to me, and seafood in JB is fantastically cheap and delicious.

But it’s strange that the little details are the ones that stick inside your head, well, my head, at least. Because I do remember one thing very clearly about the trip.

We paid a visit to this fishing kelong, at least, I think it was a kelong. There were these wooden slats laid out over the water, and the boys were running about on them. I was inching about, wondering if I would accidentally step through the slats. I wondered how I would get home if everything I had was dripping wet. However, luckily, I didn’t do anything of that sort. I did, though, drop my pen into the water. It fell with a ‘bloop’ into the sea and before I could reach out for it (one of my many *DUH* moments in life — what was I thinking…quicksand?– ), it had sunk from my sight. I wonder what happened to it afterwards.

Well, those are the memories of my first-ever trip out of Singapore.


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