One big Beehoon day


suddenly after the blogger conference, the blogging world is divided into the wanna-be’s, the, well, already-are’s and the rest of the world. nausea-inducing? not really…it wouldn’t make a good movie either…

the wanna-be’s are either friends, sycophants or sucker-ups. The already-are’s either ignore the whole lame diatribe or refer to themselves as ‘us’ and ‘we’, essentially, read ‘elite’. i mean, what’s up with ‘I won’t say that I am femes, but then again, we are ordinary people to begin with and still are. … We didn’t lose our lives, our train of thoughts about life, the observations that we make, and there’s no difference in the things we do. It’s pretty much the same when we note them down on our blogs, it’s just more people read us now, that’s all. Her point is so invalid.‘ comment? wah lao eh…and it came from barffie of all pple, barffie leh, the one with the funniest most readable blog leh, wah lao, why like that…The rest of the world, well, we’re just the rest of the world, aren’t we?

When did blogging culture in Singapore suddenly become so elitist? Suddenly, everybody, everybody’s grandmother, 2nd-cousin-sister and 5th-uncle-in-law has a blog and has something witty/funny/sarcastic/caustic/lame/pretentious/world-weary to say about everything and anything. oh, either that or sound like rockson takumi tan, who single-handedly made words like ‘nabeh’, ‘cheebye’, ‘fuck’ and ‘horse’ sound like the bestest and most eloquent part of your vocabulary again.

I feel like I’m playing the ‘Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon’ game everytime I visit blogs nowadays, replace ‘Kevin Bacon’ with ‘mrbrown’, ‘cowboy caleb’, ‘xiaxue’, ‘kennysia’ (yes, even the odd Malaysian blogger gets sucked in, that’s how close our 2 countries are), ‘mr miyagi’, ‘blinkymummy’ etc etc. ‘femes’ la, ah, ‘femes’…somebody even termed it ‘blog nirvana’ to have their blog listed together with the above.

sibeh kay leh…what happened to all the inane today-i-ate-ramen-for-lunch-and-chicken-rice-for-dinner blogs? actually still have one, i used to laff at her blog, now i love it. why is everybody, everybody’s grandmother, 2nd-cousin-sister and 5th-uncle-in-law trying to sound like mrbrown or kennysia? why is everybody else trying in vain to suck-up-to-them/diss-them/link-to-them? ok la, link link la, but nonid to suck up mah, very bth leh. of course if u’r linking coz u wanna get their attention because she/he is one hot mama/dude, ok la, then that’s reason enough. …mr miyagi’s pretty hot…ok, ner mind, just thinking out loud.

By the way, I had fried beehoon for lunch and hey! soupy beehoon for dinner.


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