reticent no more

Listening to : 輕鬆玩 《我要輕鬆玩》yah yah, I went to Visma again…我知道我敗家

Watched Flo’s band perform for the 2nd time today, it’s great to see the improvement over just 1 week! 🙂 very happy for her and her band-mates. (Pics here, huge file warning!) ohh, title of this post is not to suan you hor! (altho I am wondering whether I heard the correct word :P)

Hey, btw, any of you are super 阿嶽 fans? coz I do find that your Happily Ever After has shades of him, especially in the guitars near the end 😛 It’s so cool!!

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Watching them also reminds me of my lost dream. Should have gone for it back then, but I guess most of us, well actually only me and Shan, were more caught up in work and studies, a legacy passed down from our parents and our parent’s parents. I don’t regret getting my English degree (‘cept the bad results), but I should have done so much more during those 4 years.

shoulda, coulda, woulda…I can talk all about my lack of talent, lack of drive, lack of friends who wanted to do it too, but i guess if I had really wanted to, I would have already done something about it. Talk, talk, talk, yep, that’s me, nicthe’NATO’geek. No Action Talk Only.

Now my bass instructor is also asking me whether I’m playing with a band. Sometimes I tell him ‘not yet’, sometimes I tell him ‘cannot find’. Actually the answer I want to give him is ‘people my age don’t dream about playing in bands anymore’. I think he may probably give up and stop asking soon.

Actually I still do dream la, why do you think I’m wearing black nail polish, other than it looks cool against the white iBook? I’m shallow la, shallow. (anybody wants to 收留 a middle-aged crappy person who wants to but duno how to playbass?)…偶而發發白日夢 won’t hurt anybody but myself. But I think I’m gonna have to give that up soon. Should I sell my bass too? 不舍得.

Never mind, I still have the new fan club to set up 😀 (can I be your roadie though? It’s waaaay cooler than being a groupie… imagine being 張老師 versus being little old us, which one cooler?! But I have zero music and technical knowledge hahaha) If only those girls would settle on a name LOL.


3 thoughts on “reticent no more

  1. hmmm… wait for me K? i’m learning drums liao.. then we form our mature pple band….

    but we still need a guitarist and a vocalist at least… any mature pple wanna join us???

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