student from hell

how ah? my bass instructor asked me the question again yesterday!! aiyo, die la, I still thought he was going to give it up, but he still tell me ‘so what are u waiting for?? go for it already‘. Luckily he could still grin after the torture I put him through over the last 1.5 hours

It’s possible I might die during one of these lessons one day. practice at home so la-di-da-easy, go there only, he will go ‘eh eh, control your fingers…1 finger 1 fret…keep ur fingers close to the fretboard…don’t curl up your little finger…you’re supposed to be at G, don’t start sliding down to G#‘. So then how? I start fumbling la.

Actually up till now, it was still ok coz mainly playing by tabs, happily just look and play, no need to read anything (even though I did fuck up the 2 bass lines he let me start practicing 1 month ago, poor him, want to jam with me also cannot). of course, clever me still thinks it’s all easy peasy and never bothered to find out the notes on the strings or intervals or scales or whatever. Good lo, clever.

So yesterday he says, ‘come, play C major scale‘ and I grin ‘easy la’…’D major scale?‘ ‘ok, can’…’E major scale? ‘ ‘hmm, E, E, oh there it is’, ‘A major scale?‘, ‘ah, fuck, where’s A?’. The he goes ‘play C major scale over 2 octaves‘ and I go *stunned* ‘wait, let me figure out slowly’. ‘E and A scale over 2 octaves?’ *cry* So he bo pian, have to show me.

Then he said ‘you know all these things you played just now, they’re mainly intervals‘, and I felt my smile freezing on my face. Intervals on a piano keyboard were at least easy to figure out, coz you just counted the number of keys. On a guitar neck? errrr… So now I have to figure out by myself and learn all the intervals. Octaves, major thirds, minor thirds, fifths, perfect fourths, and sevenths…and this is just for this lesson…there’s more to come .

Later on, he says, he’ll be teaching me bass chords and how to develop bass lines from there. *stunned*

Yesterday’s highlight had to be when he presented me with 10 sets of 2 bars each, just a basic little bass line of 2 bars, I still thought ‘aiya, innocent-looking, ok la‘…yeah innocent my ass lo. ‘Go back and try to transpose each of these 2 bars into a bass line, try something bluesy or jazzy…I demo a few examples‘ and he proceeded to play at least 8-10 bars each. *stunned stunned stunned + fuckity fuck fuck fuck* As if I can do it like that… I hope he didn’t mistake the look of panic on my face for enthusiasm.

I hope I don’t torture him even more next lesson. Am I a student from hell or what?


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