Do you believe?

finally got to watch Emily Rose…who the fuck was the idiot reviewer who said it wasn’t scary. bloody hell…People now are just too used to those shlock horror B-grade chainsaw massacre movies or the shock-a-minute Japanese/Korean crap that is being churned out on the production line.

What scared the hell out of me in Emily Rose wasn’t only the scenes of demonic posession: the guttural voices, talking in Latin and tongues, totally black pupils, that awful contorting of the body and the 6 demons taking over her body, and then identiyfying themselves in that horrific manner. Those were damned scary hor, I was biting my fingers and squashed into one corner of my seat all through those scenes.

But what scared me even more is the implication of horror in our daily lives, that demons and evil exist even if you don’t believe in God. Imagine evil and demons manifesting in various ways around you all day long, every day. I believe and it’s bloody terrifying.

I don’t think I can go to the loo if I wake up at 3am now…


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