what sign??

Last night I had the weirdest dream. It was the afternoon of the FH, and I was with some of the mafia outside somewhere doing the usual nothing. We finally decided to split up and do our own thing, meeting up at FH later on that evening. I had to go home and bathe coz I was a mess, dunno from what, most probably work.

Upon reaching home, I did my usual and switched on the tv, settling down to watch it since there was more than enough time…Everything became a blur when suddenly I was jolted by the sight of the clock, 7.45pm!!!! and I was still unprepared!!! I jumped out of my seat, yelling “alamak!!! 7.45 liao!!!” my mum stared at me and said “watch TV somemore la, watch…”

I could only stare at my watch and think “jialat, no time already”…and i woke up…

I wonder what kind of sign this is…


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