nicthegeek or thelucidmyth, or, what’s safer

At the moment, I’m not sure which blog to use to post more ‘private’ stuff. I might use this one, coz I have a lot of old posts which still mean a lot to me. It may be that I’ll transfer my posts from to here one day. But at the moment, I’m not ready to give up that nick or that blog address yet. It could be ‘dangerous’ to post as nicthegeek too, but maybe I’m being very 艱 subconciously.

why am I so unsure about where to post at? It seems that some of my more personal posts have become a source of uncertainty or even unhappiness among the mafia. It started with Mayday and ended with the loss of the closeness. In the end some of the more ‘impertinent’ posts have to be toned down or posted in riddles. Posting in riddlers means lesser people understand what I’m talking about, unfortunately, 6 months down the road, I’m also one of those people.

Anyway I have become less enamoured of blogging lately. The words don’t seem to come as easily when you have to pick and choose them all the time, and I realise that I haven’t written a good post in ages. I also haven’t had a great outing with the mafia in ages.

Maybe the mafia is what I need to get it back, whatever it is, but at the moment, I have no idea what to say or how to bring whatever it is up, because I honestly do not know what is going right now. Is it just me?? Like what J said though, sometimes you just don’t know whether to keep quiet or would a good trashing out make everything even worse.


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