I think I should, whether I can or not

It happened again…2nd time in 2 months. I’m not very upset this time round, but I am still as disappointed as before. Everything being equal, I got passed up for it just because they didn’t want to be bothered to get somebody to take my place, they didn’t want to rock the boat. He skyped me later to say that, not in those words, but I read between the lines. When he told me that, my first reaction to him was ‘nb…‘ and he laughed. nabeh.

It’s goddamn disheartening when you work so hard to make something out of your job and to get somebody to recognise it, and all your boss does is say ‘we recognise your contribution, let’s continue on with it for another year’. In the end, all the bs about new projects and therefore new jobs coming in is just bs.

Perhaps I don’t get table-slamming or screaming bosses, but I’m also sick of being a glorified store attendant. Yes, I like being in a position that allows me to wear casual clothes, but as Wahi said, I end up looking the same whether I go to work or whether I’m going out with friends on weekends. I like my job well enough, but it’s running out of challenges, becoming dry and boring. I don’t even get angry at my customers anymore, because I’ve gotten used to their stupidity.

Getting used to stupidity…doesn’t that say something?


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