Hong Kong, 4th to 10th April 2006

Yep, I am going to HK again. My 5th trip in this lifetime. As Linda says, it’s my favourite country wat. But as I set out from my place at 10.30pm last night, I started to regret making this trip. No, actually I’d been regretting for the past few days, coz I couldn’t find enough activities to fill up the 7 days. If it weren’t because of my Wubai…

Day 0
3rd April, Monday. My flight to HK this time is at 6 bloody 40 am in the morning, meaning I had to check in at 4.40am or so. Sue me, I’m kiasu, I like checking in early. so it meant that 7 hours ago, I set out from my home with my luggage, so that I could get the last train from Tanah Merah to Changi Airport.

As I sat on the train speeding towards Changi in the middle of the night (it’s the middle of the night to me, coz I’ve haven’t been out of Boon Lay/Jurong/West Coast after 10pm for the longest longest time, sue me, I’m suaku too), it struck me that this is only my 3rd solo trip (counting in the official trip in July 04) and I’m already feeling lonely. Yep, L-O-N-E-L-Y. Me, the ultimate lone wolf who would prefer to watch movies alone. Suddenly the solo trip didn’t seem like such a great idea. I wanted someone there to entertain me, to talk cock with me, no matter how irritating they were.

I must have been tired.

So then after a late supper at BK (bleah, I hate cold dry fast food), suaku me proceeded to do something else for the 1st time. I slept at the viewing gallery at Terminal 1, Changi Airport. And it was actually more comfortable than I imagined it would be, if you discounted the 2 angmohs chitchatting and dropping their damn mineral water bottle twice…very loudly, and the silly couple who came later, just as I had entered R.E.M.

I’m still tired, nabeh.

But things are looking up. After wandering around Terminal 1 Depature Hall 3 times, refilling my water bottle and drinking a cup of over-sweet soya bean milk, I made my way back to Row 4 at 4.10am, and guess what, counter was open! hehe, I cleared check-in in 5 minutes AND got a seat near the front of the plane Row D, setting a personal best record and quickly ducked into transit, just to get a change of scenery.

I managed to check out the M.A.C and Stila counters for once rather than rushing off to find my gate. I still couldn’t find Sarah Jessica Parker at the DFS though. I have several free internet terminals to myself, choosing the most private one of course. And at 5.20am, with 40 mins to spare before I have to board the plane, I have completed 2 posts.

Now what do I do with the next 40 minutes? … nabeh …


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