OMG!!! I was just checking out the 野台開唱 website and bemoaning the fact that the tix are up for sale and the artist lineups were being put up as well. So I decided to drop over to the HoHaiYan webby as well, and here’s where the OMG comes in!!!

They are starting to publish the artist lineup, and the first 4 published now are 1976, Totem, MC Hotdog and Zhang Zhen Yue and Free9!!!!!! I don’t know how many exclamation marks this sentence is worth, but at the moment, I feel like jumping around the house and screaming even though it’s almost 2am!

I CANNOT believe that we’re going to see MC Hotdog AND ZZY and Free9 live again!!! Right now, I’m crossing my fingers, toes and any part of my anatomy that can be crossed, that I’ll see Mojo or LTK, Mayday, Wonfu and ABS on that lineup! I wonder if it’ll be too much to ask for a repeat of the lineup in this year’s TaiKe Rock.

Y’know, this is alsmost worth moving back to nicthegeek.blogspot.com and asking shir to come and read this post. I wonder how many ‘hiaks’ the expression on her face will garner…


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