my 3-minute passion, or, on again off again

I stopped my bass lessons early this month, telling Lester I would prob continue again with him some time in August. My decision then was due partially to the fact that I wasn’t sure (a) whether I would be happily employed ergo happily paid by the time August comes and (b) I didn’t have much enthusiasm to carry on playing bass alone in my room.

Since then I haven’t touched my bass, not even cleaned it. I’ve been looking at it though, wondering if my decision to stop would be temporary or permanent. To make it permanent would be a pity, seeing as how Lester had decided I could progress on to learning how to write simple bass lines…(again, he could just be speeding up the process so he wouldn’t have to endure me for much longer :P). To make the decision temporary, would mean that I would pick up the bass again for no purpose whatsoever, since my dream has slipped away from me anyway.

Saturday night, I was reading blogs, and as usual, took the usual route through the mafias’ blogs. Chris finally updated with an entry saying that Bon Jovi’s “This Ain’t A Love Song” was on repeat mode in her earphones. It made me think of the first fast song which I ever managed to play on the bass, Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

Right now, I’m itching to pick up the bass again. But…to what end…for what reason?


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