spoilt brat or future legal eagle?

Reading yesterday’s LIFE section (30th Sept), I came across this letter written by a Cynthia W-H regarding Lifenation (concert organizer) and SISTIC’s responsibility towards ticket-holders who had managed to lose their tickets before an event.

In short, even after she’d bought a replacement ticket, both organizations were unable to refund her original $170 free-standing-zone ticket, which her daughter manged to lose before the Coldplay concert, due to the lack of concrete information ie. seat numbering and/or the actual ticket etc (all she had was a receipt).  Neither organization were able to check if the ticket was used by somebody else either.

Why do people now think that they have no responsibility at all in their actions?  I mean, losing a $170 ticket?  I’m in my 30’s, but I think if I made my mother spend $340 in all and I managed to lose 1/2 of it, she’d still apply a cane liberally to my fat behind.  I’ve been buying tickets from SISTIC and watching concerts for years now.  At times, my friends and ! have in turns held tickets ranging from a few hundred to a thousand-plus dollars in our hands for months at a time.  Have any of us lost a ticket yet?  Not that I think SISTIC is such a great monopoly organization, but c’mon, make your daughter take the responsibility in such a case, make her work for the money, tell her to NOT watch the concert.

Sue Mcdonald’s because you’re over-weight.  Blame SISTIC for not refunding you money becuase you lost it yourself.  What’s next?  Why don’t we boycott MOE and Singapore schools because your 13-year old child doesn’t know who the Minister of Education is this year?

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