no white allowed

apparently I’m busy and lack sleep.  I missed my facial for the second time on Sat coz I was sleeping.  I didn’t go shopping on Sat despite there being sales at Bugis Junction, Suntec City and Marina Square.  I have an operations review with the GM on Wed, but so far have not compiled any information or reports for the past 3 months.

But I apparently am not too busy to spend 45 minutes searching for and changing my blog template … again.  This is what people like me do when we’re too lazy busy to create their own templates.  We steal copy let other people take the credit borrow.

I found this at Blogger Templates, professional-looking, no?  Many nice templates there, plus many blogger tips and tricks.  The best thing is they have a link to a free button maker, that makes those what is supposedly called 80×15 brilliant buttons or antipixel buttons.  By the way, Photobucket didn’t seem to have any buttons available, so I made my own fugly plain one 🙂

The previous one came from, but there’s just something about too much white space that makes me nervous, very vertigo-like nervousness.  This one’s better, all dark and greeny-gray and dreary … comforting 😛  no white allowed next time I think.

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