you schmuck

Pissed today with Mr power-player #2 for making me look bad in front of staff and forwarder.  It proves yet again that if you want something done correctly, do it yourself.  Luckily abang H was easy-going enough to shrug it off, and still give me a ride back home.

It’s amazing how he can boast “hey, I am so experienced in logistics and department leadership” and yet he can spend days figuring out how to move 64 pallets from 1 warehouse to another … right across the road (you see, Nicole, we must figure out and imagine every single thing that could go wrong and provide a solution for every problem before we carry out any course of action), or exchanging 15 emails (I imagine there’s more to come) with a CSO and yet our 2 dinky little shipments remain stuck on 2 different continents after a whole week while the vendor and customer shoot daggers at everybody, or worrying out about why I, rather than him, am approving his budak-budaks’ leave application, while his budak2 smoke themselves to death taking 6 breaks totalling 3 hours everyday, 5 days a week.

And yet,  when I told him to please approach the manager and ask for the right to lead the team on his own, he didn’t have the balls to do so.  Or no, wait, he might still be trying to figure out the best way to do it.  Must cover all angles, you know, solve every problem imaginable before you take action…yes, 6 years of experience in logistics and 2 years worth of 10k route marches make you a bloody strategist the bloody equivalent of Churchill.

fuck, schmuck

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