things that make you go hmm

I discovered, late last month, that a jamming studio had opened up in … Boon Lay Shopping Centre, of all places. I dunno, it seems a bit too late to cash in on the Superband rage. And so far, most of the bengs I’ve seen here carry walkman phones rather than guitars, not many Lucify or Milo Bing (the cartoon figures are so adorable!) wannabes around Boon Lay, I guess.

They also prefer to blast their chinese songs (Jay, at the moment) on their tinny walkman phone speakers, and karaoke to it on the bus (while screaming cheebye at each other half a dozen times during a 10-minute bus ride), uncaring as to whether anybody around them actually enjoyed the performance. I doubt if a lot of them actually would want to cram into a tiny studio with loads of instruments, with nobody but themselves to ‘appreciate’ their talents.

kinda sorry i gave up playing the bass though, with a studio so nearby … I’m not advertisting for them, I don’t know their prices, and honestly, I have NEVER seen anybody inside the shop yet.

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