I am chicken

I almost met Colin Cheong.  I even saw him in the flesh, less than 50m from where I stood lurked.  He is so cool.

I came across ads for the Asia Media Festival sometime early this week and saw the there was actually a bookclub in Singapore, and they were actually having a discussion on ‘The Stolen Child’ on Friday.  That being my favourite book by my favourite Singaporean author, I of course decided to go take a look.  Of course, being lazy, I decided not to read the book (since I have read it at least 5 times before) and I also decided not to find out where the Earshot Cafe was until the last minute. 

Yesterday, 3 hours before the meeting actually started, I find out that it’s located at The Arts House at the Old Parliament House.  So after a whole week of being jobless and thus decaying at home (I already said I’m lazy), I made my way to City Hall and to the unbelivably posh posh posh Arts House.  I then proceeded to gawk my way past all the valet parking guys, security guards and expensive restaurants, i found the Earshot only to lose my nerve when I saw Colin Cheong standing inside exchanging small talk, and it seemed that everybody knew everybody. 

Hanging around outside the place trying to build up my nerve to wlk in, I then proceeded to lose even more of it when I saw somebody who must have been Teo Chee Hean make his way with security and escorts into the place.  Several minutes later, I totally lost it when I saw a couple who looked dressed up for dinner at a $500-a-head dinner walk into the cafe and Colin Cheong enjoying a glass of wine, and so I strolled back to the MRT station, beating myself up mentally at the same time.

I am so chicken.  I almost met Colin Cheong.

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