of tortoises and dong zhi

WP introduced this new theme today for the holidays. It’s so nice and Christmassy that I had to use it, even though it makes the page sooooo long and puts me in a Xmas mood even though I’m not celebrating.

Anyway, how to celebrate when the whole body is aching like mad…symptoms of FLU! bleah. too bad, coz this tortoise was thinking about paying a first visit to Vivocity on Xmas day. What’s the plural of tortoise by the way, tortoises or tortoi?

In other news, the tortoise paid another auntie visit to the neighbourhood NTUC to snatch tang yuan with the other aunties (I got the pink and white peanut ones!), because tomorrow is Dong Zhi, or as the ang mos call it, Winter Solstice. Dec 22nd 2006 will have the shortest daylight of the whole year, and the darkest night, so everybody go home early and have tang yuan with your loved ones!

Discoverhongkong.com also tells us The longest night of the year is a time to put on brand new clothes, visit family with gifts and to laugh and drink deep into the long night. Sounds good to me!


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