of aunties – the current conclusion

This is my current solution to the point I tried to make yesterday. As the cute guys on tv get younger, I seem to slide further into auntie-dom. like today when I smsed nanathegirlwhohatesmahjongbuttakesphotosof東風mahjongtiles, your ah dong’s just-wake-up-face can 電死人. and my current phone wallpaper has dropped 17 years from 阿喜 to Hyun Bin. and I watch 娛樂百分百 everyday even though they don’t have much e-news.

Dear friends, next time if I ever say I want to go to the airport to send/receive/see/gawk over artistes who are young enough to be my below the age of 30, knock me on the head and tell me to stay home because Jurong is too far away from Changi…please save me.

14/4/07: edited…oops kena again…


One thought on “of aunties – the current conclusion

  1. Eh…is ur blog only accessible to the mafias? If yesh nvm, if not hor pls dont put my url hahaha..

    Aiyah Dong is attractive watz hahaha…

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