of bags and plastic

And as I sit here blogging about nothing, my mother suddenly comes in to tell me “From 18th onwards, NTUC (Fairprice) is not going to give plastic bags”.

Finally!“, My first thought went,”Somebody in Singapore is starting to take a somewhat effective route to enviromental protection.” my second thought was “It’s going to be just like Taiwan!” and the third one went “Aunties and housewives island-wide are going to flip!

BUT UNFORTUNATELY as I search for more information, it’s not a permanent enforcement. 18th Apr 2007 and every first Wednesday of the month thereafter is BYOBD, Bring Your Own Bag Day. Plastic bags will be available for 10cents each on these days, if you don’t bring your own. To be honest, I wonder how many outlets are actually going to enforce this troublesome ‘rule’ and risk the wrath of aunties all over Singapore.

Of course being a big supporter of NATO, I am very guilty of owning a NTUC Fairprice reusable bag, and NOT using it at all. Yes, it is plain laziness, but why bother bringing your own, when every shop out there provides you with a plastic bag of every colour and design? and NTUC gives you 2 if your groceries are too heavy?

Long long ago, I thought it was a pity McD’s stopped bagging their take-away in paper bags and even worse that although Body Shop does have paper wrappers, they ultimately give you another plastic carrier, so what’s the point? Personally I think paper bags are far more preferable, design-wise and crackly-noise-wise, although they absolutely don’t work with rainy days and heavy groceries. It’s just too easy to fall into the life-long habit of accepting plastic bags for free.

Since a third of the year has passed, and I have not fulfilled any of my to-dos aka resolutions, perhaps I shall start anew and have 1 resolution for 2007: pretend I’m in TPE and start bagging my groceries in my own bag instead.  And just maybe it’ll keep me from missing the place too much.


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