of inventory count

guess the girls were right when they said my house is like an antique house after finding enid blyton books dating back to 1979, mastermind games and an extremely old lego set.

Today, digging through my drawers looking for a colour pencil set, which I now realise I’d thrown away a long time back, I found my old FMSS library cards, ACJC bus pass both with the tood-est photos available (altho I’m not much better now).  I also discovered I’m $500 richer, in Hong Kong after digging in the furthest darkest corner of the drawer.  Apparently it was left over from my 1996 trip with Shan.  I’m not even sure some of the coins are still valid tender, coz they’ve got the queen stamped on the back.

I think I’ll have toi do a stock/inventory count soon.

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