I finally managed to finish one book. OK la, a bit embarassing since i’ve already watched the drama on vcd, ermm, 5 times?

But it’s been a long long time since I have actually read and finished a novel, much less in chinese. to think I used to devour at least 2 books a month. must buck up again!

Waiting eagerly for HP and the Deathly Hallows, 9 more days to go! There’s a fun Book FAQ over at The Leaky Cauldron, offering nuggets like “There will be no Quidditch.” (of course Harry might not be going back to Hogwarts), “There is yet more to Petunia than we know” and much much more about Harry and his family and friends, a lot of which were confirmed (?) by JK Rowling would be revealed in Book 7. It looks like Book 7 is going to be heavy enough to knock Hagrid senseless. I wonder if i have time to review Half-Blood Prince again.

Still waiting for a chance to pick up the Shopaholic series again. I stopped at Shopaholic Abroad coz I lost patience with Becky’s dithering and dathering after just 2 books :P. Also waiting for a chance to pick up several Paulo Coelhos, finish up the Alexander series, the concluding book Time Odyssey trilogy, the 2 Alexander Besher book MIR and CHI, and several other novels and series that I left hanging.

And that’s only the English portion. I’m still looking forward to returning to 成品 next year when we go back to Taipei. I wonder how many kilograms of books and magazines will come back with me 😀

12 hours later – got back home and snuck a look at my bookshelves.  

Forgot to add the George R  Martin epic,  A Song of Fire and Ice, which I’ve only finished 1.5 books so far, each being abt 900+ pages long.  paperbacks only, please.  Book 3 is sitting there looking pissed because I have yet to start on him, Book 4 has been out in the shops for 2 years, and Books 5,6 and 7 are forthcoming, so says Mr Martin on his website.

The Alexander trilogy is by Valerio Massimo Manfredi, of which so far I’ve only finished the 1st book, 2 years ago, over a period of 10days in Taipei with the mafia.  It’s a fascinating read, esp for history buffs.

i realised that i have purposely forgotten abt my long-awaited 九把刀, because i have an extremely strong suspicion that his books are un-put-down-able, ergo I cannot pick it up now when I am already running short of hours and sleep everyday.

still others like a 250-page discourse on actor Stephen Chow and the 星爺 effect, Paradise Lost in chinese (still unwrapped), my lao da’s 風景 (yes it’s mainly photos, but his thoughts are penned down, and I’d like to savour them slowly, even if I get laughed at for savouring words from the biggest taike in taiwan), 康’s opium and milk, ryu murakami’s 69.   And these are only the ones on the front part of the shelves.


2 thoughts on “reads

  1. I’m re-reading Order of Phoenix now.. cos i totally forgotten what the story was about… so i can better prepare myself for the movie… and hope i have enough time to finish half-blood prince before i lay my hands on the “final” installment… (though there is rumor that she will continue writing)

    am waiting for Jodie to lend me the latest of shopaholic… okie lah Shopaholic books… something to lighten up mood for leisure reading… if u need can borrow from Jodie… i’m sure she will be glad to lend you her collection (IF its with her)…. she has a wide collection of Paulo Coelho too… otherwise the lib has abundance….

    am trying to clear up my bookshelves too.. can u imagine i still have books from the tat time we went taipei like 2 years ago… and there is more on my list i wanna borrow and read.. chumz… where to find time? 😛

  2. *g* me too! paradise lost, 69 and a few other books are left over from the 2005 tpe trip 😛

    i wonder if i can finish half-blood prince if i dun slp for the next week? hahaha!

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