I write like a primary sch kid

Not blogging recently because I dunno what to blog about.  It seems that even the japan trip ended up being delivered like some form of primary school composition that we used to have to do eons ago.  You know the type.

Today I went to school.   I studied in class.  During recess I played catching with my friends.  After school, I went home.  My mother cook rice, fish  and vegetables for lunch, yummy.  After I finish my homework, I played on the computer and then I watched tv.  Blah-de-blah-de-blah-blah-blah.

Given that, my weekend would probably go something like:

I went to watch Resident Evil: Extinction with Chris on Friday.  It was a good movie.  We watched the midnight show on Friday.  Before that I went to the airport to eat at Popeyes because I like fried chicken.  It was good.  I like the biscuits too, especially with the strawberry jam.
On Saturday and Sunday, I stayed at home because I was very tired.

I think Chris went to seek some hole in the ground because she just realized she spent Friday night very boring-ly.  Ahhhh, save me from the relentless boredom that spews from my keyboard leh.    Heck, even an actual primary school student now has a more exciting life.

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