Tokyo, 6th~14th Oct 2007, Pt 2 officially

photo album is here, but incomplete because there was no time to upload after recovery…

the loot first…

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to bring back anything much more sensible than Pocky, Kit Kat, more Kit Kat, chocolate, candy and all sorts of drinks and coffee.  oh there’s a pack of wasabi peas still unopened…

Although I did manage to squeeze in a couple of Adidas jackets (inexpensive!) and an errr umbrella from Ameyoko (flat one! and orange!), a couple of diaries (the only things I could afford at Tokyu Hands) and the standard HRC shotglasses from HRC Ueno.

Then there was the totally senseless thoughtless spur-of-the-moment 衝昏了頭 purchases often associated with travelling (although the other 3 will beg to differ on the time I took to decide…to buy or not to buy arghhh), which I shall not bother with descriptions because I have run out of time because blogging without Flock drag and drop is bothersome!

wa lao, this post ended up being so boring leh.


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