Before I finish posting the last trip

I’m ‘looking forward’ to another one.  3 days and counting.  A company trip this time, surprisingly I get to go on it, considering the distance, the cost and that I’m still on probation.  It’s the first time I’m breaking the (invisible) border of Asia, so everybody (I think) expects me to be really excited.  Unfortunately I can’t even get excited about being trapped in the plane and then some exotic locale for 5 days with a bunch of potatoes.  The colleague I get along with couldn’t make it in time for the trip, and her boss, the office joker, couldn’t get a visa on time.  I’m stuck with and a whole bunch of ang-moh piaks and one scarily overly-enthusiastic colleague who apparently has decided to be my new best friend…ok I am being ungrateful as she has shown me more ‘friendly’ than the rest of them, but still the over-enthusiasm is …just…too…OVER.

The only thing I look forward to is shopping for the trip (where I managed to drive Chris nuts) which is now over, eating Popeye’s at T1, getting my passport stamped with some new customs stamps (I’m hoping to get the Paris one as well!), seeing one of my CEOs who’s apparently very cute and just getting out of this office and moving around for a week.  I think I get spoiled by travelling with mafia so much so that I can’t imagine going overseas without at least 1 or 2 of them going with me *bian zui*, the experience just isn’t the same.

However even after all the shopping trips with Chris (incl 6 hours at IMM with her and qh!), I still am not sure what I’m going to wear.  I hate business trips if I can’t wear jeans, tees and sneakers.  So obviously, as usual, I’m still not packed yet.  I think I’ll remain one of those last-minute-packers for the rest of my life 😛  I’m just not organised enough.  And I just remembered I have no money for the trip either!

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