beat the heat with alcohol

Looking around for ways to finish up my bottle of citron vodka, and this seems the most yummy way, considering the heat we’ve I’ve been enduring.

7 c. water
2 c. sugar
12 oz. can frozen Orange juice
12 oz. can frozen Lemon Aid
3 c. Vodka
4 Green tea bags made up with 2 c. water
(9 c. of water all together)

1. Boil 7 c. water and sugar till sugar melts.
2. Make Green Tea up with the other 2 c. of water.
3. Mix Tea water into the sugar water.
4. Add in the Lemon Aid, Orange Juice and Vodka.
5. Put all into a large plastic container and Freeze.
6. When frozen, it will only be to a Slush stage due to the Vodka, spoon Slush into tall glasses and pour in 7-UP, Sprite, Squirt or any other clear soda pop of your choice.
7. Can garnish as desired with mint leaves, Lemon or Lime slices.


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