photo storage nirvana, not yet

i’m often looking for online photo storage sites, but being the typical sg’rean, i want cheap free and unlimited storage with easy-to-upload-and-access function, which isn’t very likely to be at all possible.

so far, i’ve tried:

photobucket – 1gb storage, upload while u’r online, but I haven’t tried the ‘ftp’ yet.  good in the start, but it quickly degenerated into ad “heaven”

pixnet 痞客邦 – taiwanese portal that comes with blog, photo album, etc etc.  haven’t really tried it out fully, but quite a hassle because everything’s in chinese. yes that’s what comes of trying to integrate into taiwanese society.  storage and functions are limited, unless you pay.  there’s also wretch 無名小站, which is similar. the thing about taiwanese portals is there’s always THE reigniing portal, depending on which one gets artistes, singers, actors etc to blog at their portal.  so every once in a while, there’s a mass ‘migration’, and a lot of artistes end up keeping multiple blogs.  i can’t even remember my pixnet login name and password.

flickr – best so far, IF you want to pay.  free flickr is quite ho-hum

google/picasa – google photos lets you download picasa, which is a photo alubm-editor-sorter-uploader software.  can’t remember how much storage there is.  this should be the best so far, but my photos are too much in a mess, so picasa messes them up further.  of course, there’s always the fear that Big Brother will make “full use” of your photos to identify you.  *cue twilight zone theme*

there are countless others, offering more or less the same stuff. and now there’s a new one, picturetown, run by nikon, no less.  2gb storage, hmm, and easy upload of files by drag-and-drop…so they say.  seems quite worth trying out, but I just can’t be very bothered right now with too much on my plate.  anybody tried it yet?


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