Life in Boon Lay

I’ve been living in Boon Lay for the major part of my life.  It used to be an interesting place when I was in primary school, because you get loads of time to wander around the neighbourhood after school.  There are nooks and crannies, even within that small little town, to fill up a lot of time.  There were some bengs and gangsters hanging around, and there was the occasional fight at the hawker centre, but it made the little town just that much more fun.

After a while, the rest of Singapore seemed more exciting, so Boon Lay got a little dull and a little colourless, and I couldn’t bear to stay in that place.  With an influx of Thai foreign workers, it also got a little sleazy and dingy and dangerous.

Recently, with a major immgration wave of foreign workers, Boon Lay seems to have become a second little  india or chinatown.  I can’t walk anywhere without encountering a foreign face or accent.  But our little town is still pretty happening, judging by the searches on


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