boon lay nasi lemak, power

There was a time when I was quite a fan of the famous boon lay nasi lemak.  until i realised i might well get a heart attack from eating nasi lemak at 2am in the morning too often.  Why 2am?  because the nasi lemak stall only starts selling at 10pm at night.

3 years ago, the queues snaked around like crazy, even at 2am in the morning.   3 years later, the queues are still there.  But i’ve given up waiting 30minutes, even if the rice and chilli and chicken wings are to die for.  I do miss the chicken wings though.  They are GOOD.  so good that I’ve seen some uni students order just 2-3 wings to eat with their nasi.  Maybe I should risk the queue again.

But it was only until now, that I realised, that famous stall, subject to comparisons to the famous changi village nasi lemak, actually has a website.  Yes, Power Nasi Lemak is very much powered up to the internet.

8 thoughts on “boon lay nasi lemak, power

  1. go find the, Chong Pang nasi lemak, u’ll love it too, Punggol 21 Nasi Lemak, these 2 is a must try.

    i’m glad i live in central north east and east area, i have access to the best foods around!

  2. The standards have dropped pretty badly ever since they branched out to Velocity (or the nearby mall) and JB.
    The rice is hard now, the chicken wings are okay, but the taste of the chilli has dropped noticeably.

    While the queues are sometimes still there, i’m sure most people would agree with me that its not worth it anymore.

  3. i never try the boon lay one, though i heard a lot of raves abt it. shld try it soon. ;))

    btw, i love the chicken drums frm punggol nasi, nice. their nasi lemak also nice, super long q. ;((
    but at times, the standard not there.

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