Back again!

Three years since my last post! 😮

But to be fair, I have been blogging on and off about other subjects at other blogs.  I was  “spring-cleaning” my wordpress account, and decided that Lucid Myth, with so many years of my history, just couldn’t go to waste.  So I shall try harder from now on!  Again! haha!  It’s just typing after all, it isn’t that bad.

So what’s been happening these past 3 years? Honestly it’s a blur now.  I’ve changed 3 jobs, attended umpteen interviews, picked up Korean language, passed the Basic TOPIK exam, watched Super Junior in concert twice, watched FT Island in concert once, made some new friends, lost one, travelled to Boston (once!), Taiwan (twice!), Hong Kong (once), Bintan (once) and [feather in my cap] went on my first trip to Korea, seen friends go into business and out of business, lost some weight, put back a lot more, turned 40, waiting for my progressive lenses (that’s old people glasses to you)

Edit: oh yes, wanted to add, I started messing about with makeup and beauty products at my advanced age 😛

Edit2: Also, life is not just about me me me. So in the past three years, SG politics is no longer a pappy monopoly, K-Pop took the world by storm, Facebook set out to conquer the world, so did Google, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Not a very fruitful period, I would say. I think I’m ready for a shake-up in my life, the last few years have been too … peaceful. Maybe that’s why I’m back here. We shall see.


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