Falling behind already?

2 weeks into my I-would-like-to-blog-often schedule, and I’m already falling behind? Well, I’m not really sticking to a fixed schedule anyway, but my issue has always been, the more I procrastinate, the more I love it! I’m like some procrastination junkie. First it’ll be “oh it’s ok, I’ll do it later”, then later becomes tomorrow, tomorrow becomes next week etc etc.  You see where this is going.  I’m also a detraction junkie.

Anyway, contrary to last week, mineral mondays are a no-go, I repeat, a no-go. For everyday minerals anyway. I tried them out again on last Tuesday, a very hot humid day. I was sweating as I was sitting in front of the fan and hoping the loose mineral powders wouldn’t (a) blow all over my bed (b) congeal on my face.  I was fairy successful in preventing both, and then 15 mins later, I was sweating profusely again, and my face started to itch and sting. Yuck.  The itching wasn’t very serious, just rather distracting especially when I started to sweat.  Nothing happened if I sat in the airconditioned comfort of the office.  I thought I would be the lucky ones who’s not allergic to mineral makeup, but apparently BM works for me, but not EDM.  So end of story for EDM.

I’m also falling behind a bit on my Korean homework, but nothing a little late night at the office couldn’t help with. Blessed airconditioning and bright lighting.  It’s just horrible trying to concentrate at home recently, with the heat and the humidity. My arms keep sticking to my book pages lol, I’m that hot and sticky.

Oh yes, I am looking around for a better desk lamp, something in white LED light. I don’t have an actual study area in my room anymore (nor my entire house for that matter), so I study in front of the computer. The main room light is behind me though, so that corner is extremely dark.  It’s so dark I even have to turn on my desk lamp when I (occasionally?) eat in front of the ‘puter.  So, any recommendations? Nothing too expensive! I’m broke this month! Groupon occasionally has this on sale, any good?


A USB LED lamp might suffice, as long it’s not those puny 3-LED weaklings, I need to light up half my desk, not my keyboard, my keyboard already has it’s own lights 🙂  I think this warrants a trip to heaven Sim Lim Square!




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