Bad Month…’nuff said

Well, July was fine, just busy, mainly because my boss came back from a month-long holiday and started hounding us for this, that and the other report.  Otherwise July was a pretty ok run-of-the-mill July.  Nothing big, nothing small, Oh I did attend a basic workshop at Olympus which they hold for new owners of the EP and EPL cameras. That was fun.  Will post photos later? maybe?  😀

Oh I did get my USB-powered LED lamp. nothing fancy, but at least I don’t have to sit at my desk in the dark anymore.

erm, ignore that mess of notebooks behind!

erm, ignore that mess of notebooks behind!

August…*big sigh* who would expect their birthday month to be so majorly and negatively dramatic? it’s bad enough that I have to cancel my HK trip, even though the air tickets cost me almost $400, and the upcoming hotel bill is almost $300. *gulp* $700 down the drain.  I hope I can find someone to help me out in October when I go to Taiwan.  Anybody knows any part-time maid service that’s not too expensive?

Thank goodness August is finally over, and hopefully all this bad stuff will blow over once the lunar 7th month passes us by.  *urgh*


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