because i’m ncthgk

a wannabe geek, a wannabe marketer, a wannabe communicator, a wannabe lian, a wannabe blogger, a wannabe writer, a wannabe bassist, a wannabe gamer, a wannabe gadgeter, a wannabe androider, what else do i wanna be when i grow up?


/ 生命不在乎得到什麽,只在乎做過什麽 / 黃家駒 (1962-1993)


/ 如果在乎銷售,那就是唱片的奴隸 / 伍佰老師


/ 心上一字敢,面對我的夢 / 五月天 阿信



blogs at nicthegeek a wannabegeek, nicthegeek goes android, a lucid myth and maybe summernightbreeze

is a Leo
with a very low EQ

and equally low IQ

who pretends to learn the bass and is a wannabe bassist (although age has gotten the best of this)
is a struggling marketer and communicator (what?!)
who used to pretend to be a webmaster till Geocities closed down

has gmail
(2 in fact)
is on MSN (appearing offline)

and Google Search
and Google Plus
and Facebook (not so much anymore)

and Twitter(need to learn to pick up pace!)
and formerly on plurk (karma: 0)
and a blogger (when in the mood, about every 2 years)
loves Beyond

loves 伍佰 and China Blue too

and pretends to run a forum for him
(although time and age has gotten the best of this too)
a 8 year Mayday fan and also born-again Mayday-ian
also likes to sing karaoke
and thinks of itself as a not-so-bad singer
a wannabe geek (no money, no time, Fail)
who owns gadgets (a few outdated ones)
loves Star Wars Parts IV – VI
loves Lord of The Ring (before it came out in movies)
plays D2 and has been waiting for D3 for 3 years
and Guild Wars and now waiting for Guild Wars 2
and WoW (majorly addicted from time to time, the addiction from the past 6 months is just starting to die down)
and 赤壁online (over it! no time!)
and CesarIII
and Pharaoh
and Cleopatra
and Zeus
and Poseidon
and Simcity 2000 and 3000
and Simtower
and Afterlife
and even The Sims
is also a wannabe ah lian ah beng (according to an ex-colleauge)
who swears in Hokkien and English
speaks beri the good Singlish, even gooder than English
is a 俗辣
who is scared of everything and everybody
and a wannabe blogger
who tries to be a techie blogger
but who’s articles always run out of steam before reaching the end
and who can’t keep in constant touch with the latest technology
due to being biased towards and against certain brands and countries
is a wannabe writer (which is a dream given up)
also a wannabe linguist
who can speak English after a fashion
barely manage Mandarin
tried out Japanese and French (and gave up after kindergaten)
and now tyring out Korean (becauase the Korean actors are all oh so gorgeous)
is, lastly, a wannabe adult
already middle-aged
but still thinks like a kid
and still has a bunch of stupid to-dos, just like a kid

1) write a short story of at least 2500 words
2) get a job in comms or editorial or publishing or die trying Been a marketing executive since June 2007 Done!
3) get totally piss drunk at least once (getting old, stomach can’t take it, strike!)
4) read 失乐园 and a lot of other books
5) take up another foreign language or learn to speak the other 2 more fluently 2010 update: planning to take Korean lessons, and retake Jap? Korean – doing!  Jap – meh, dunno, Korean’s too difficult
6) buy myself flowers once a month (daisies) there are no real daisies in sg, not the ones i like anyway   meh!!!
7) lose 1kg a month i think i can forget about this in this lifetime  (still struggling, there are struggling actors and writers, and I’m struggling dieter, so?  Hyperthyroid gave me some help in this though)
8 ) pay off all my credit cards and maintain $0 debt Still unable to manage this as of March 2010, I need to stop taking cabs! It’s mid-2011, and I’m still badly into the cabbing habit, pls make it stop!!!!!
9) write up my business plan  (I’m actually planning to do this some time this year!)
10) learn to grow a herb or vegetable  meh
11) walk home from town at night  meh
12) snorkel in langkawi or phuket
13) go back to Redang   still hoping! almost did it this year 2011, maybe in sept?
14) visit Japan or Korea Tokyo trip coming up soon! Japan’s done!  and Korea’s coming up in 2012! Europe’s next I think!
15) try black and white photography
16) gain better EQ and be less sarcastic (except about myself) I think I’m getting there
17) plan my 5-year plan
18) read all of Shakespeare’s plays
19) camp out at Changi Beach Park for 1 weekend meh
20) not run away if I meet another celebrity i think i can forget about this in this lifetime too Update: I never ran away from 阿Paul, although I chickened out of giving him a hug, when he was giving his away for free…sigh Done!
21) Blog about the above experiences once I have achieved them.
22) Take up scuba diving classes



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