Android not for the old

Barely 9 months since my last post, and Android has gone through 6 main versions, and over 20 sub-versions. Why haven’t I been posting? Because I jumped ship to iOS in late-2010 and never looked back after Cupcake failed my day-to-day.

I’m back again on Android, because currently iOS 5.0 is failing me badly, with battery levels dropping from 100 to 30 in less than 5 hours, and bad laggy apps. So I splashed out, well it was more of a tiny dip, on some new Android hardware.

Ta-da, the Ainol Novo 7 Advanced tablet

No reviews from me, as again, there are hundreds out there since the tablet is about a year old.  Google‘s your best friend, and those reviews do it a lot better than me anyway.

Oh yes, lost track as usual. Why is Android not for the old?  Considering that it’s gone through so many iterations in just a year and that hardware can never keep up (ie. buy a new phone if your Android is 1.5 versions older than what’s on the market) , an old fart like me is finding it really hard to keep track. I’m asking my mum to stick to good old Symbian-based ones because you don’t miss a hardware T9 keyboard till it’s gone.