I ♥ my HTC One X

Even though everyone has ABANDONED it, including HTC! after the One came out.

Just putting it out there, because I’ve been meeting people who hate it. And they give me this incredulous ‘really’ when I say I love mine. I do. I ♥ my HTC One X.


HTC Evo 4G Unboxing

Something to pass the time with. HTC has always released some of the sexiest Android phones (IMO anyway), and this is  the latest lust-worthy set.  That’s a huge screen! I wonder when it’s coming to Singapore.

While we’re talking 1.5

While I couldn’t find any phone that I really wanted, AND was within my budget, there were many that I lusted after, including the recent HTC Legend and Desire ( so gorgeously chio and going for S$830 or so).

And while I hemmed and hawed and doubted and looked at my savings account, HTC announces … HTC Wildfire. Check out specs and video at Engadget. Coming to Asia!! in Q3, it’s targetted at college students, so it may explain the 2.1 Eclair and 5mp camera, which hopefully will bring down the price to something more mass-market.

What’s a cash-poor geek got to do to go Android?