And the next LG Android is the Ally

As mentioned, I’ve been waiting for the next LG Android, the LU2300.

News of the LG Ally came out last week. It has the same build as the LU2300, but looks-wise, seems to have gone through some slight transformations. Engadget has the review, although I haven’t had time to read it through yet.  Enjoy the pics too!


Battery Life on the GW620

As noted on nicthegeek’s posterous earlier:

18:29 battery charged at 90%.
Temp at 36degC. 3G is on. testing out music play. will the battery run out before i reach home at estimated 2200hours

5 hours later: I didn’t listen to music all the way just now, the player was on for maybe 30 mins max. 3G was also on all the time. It just seems that the battery life on the GW620 may get a bit better as time goes along *fingers crossed*

I have not charged it for a full 8 hours (phone off) after getting it. The longest it was charged was last night (Fri) 0230hours till today (Sat) 1400hours, but that was with the phone on.  We shall see.

The Good, The Bad, The LG GW620

Apologies for the tacky post title 🙂  Finally getting back into my virtual life, after looking for a job in my real life.

As mentioned in the previous post, I won’t go into any long drawn-out reviews about the GW620, since there are already so many available online.

I think I’ll just do a list of my likes and dislikes about this phone. Just as a primer, I’ve come from mainly normal Symbian-based phones, most recently, the Nokia E75. Phones before that included the Sony Ericsson W850i and a brief flirtation with the HTC Touch (WinMo is a horror, I will never go back).

Likes about the GW620:

5-row QWERTY slide-out keyboard
– This for me is the big winner. the Nokia E75 had a 4-row slideout QWERTY which I dislike intensely. In the 9 months I was using it, I used it less than 10 times. The GW620 is a totally different creature, keyboard-wise. The keys are spaced out nicely for my rather clumsy fingers, and raised, so typing on it is heaven. So far, I’ve only used it for texting, so I can’t say anything about typing on it for a long time. Best of all, the back-lighting on the keyboard is gorgeously bright in total darkness,  just look at the pic.

Bright Screen
Since getting this phone in my hands, the screen brightness has been set to no higher than 10-30%. It’s still amazingly bright, when I use the phone in bed at night.  Have not been out and about lately, but I think the screen will still function well under strong sunlight. I will need to prove this point.

5mp camera
– the phones I’ve had so far fall short on this category every time, maxing out at a miserable 3.15mp. the phone here isn’t fantastic, it’s still a handphone camera after all, and pictures turn out dark.

Small Screen
– As mentioned previously, with phone screens stretching to 3.5″ at a minimum, I find myself running out of screen estate very fast with the 3″ screen.

Form Factor

– Nothing major, just not the sleekest phone on the market. When I first saw the picture on GSMArena, my thoughts were “what a stumpy phone”.  Not a big deal, but if LG was targeting the teens-to-twenties market, I do not think it’s be a very popular choice. Then again, I’m an old fart, so I might not know better.

2 Soft Keys
– Again, not a major thing. There are 2 capacitative keys on the front, at the bottom of the phone, one is the home key, the other is the back key. They are very sensitive, and with my fat hands, it’s very easy to touch them and go back to the home screen, or backup a page on menus, without realising.

– this is my major hate for this phone. It runs very hot. I installed the app vizBattery as the phone ? Android? doesn’t have a proper measurement for battery life. The first time I charged up the phone, temperature ran up to about 44degC. I was horrified, especially because my place is non-airconditioned. i wondered if the temperature might go up somemore. it was a relief to step into the aircon of the office and see the temperature slide down to 30degC. I don’t think it’s gone below that so far.

Major Leakage
– How do I word this? I’m very sensitive to the microwaves? radiation? that comes from mobile phones. I have had cases of mild headaches on the side where I held my old mobiles, usually after 15, 20 minute chats. The SE W850i was by far the best, I could chat on the phone for more than 30 minutes at a stretch without feeling any side effects.

The LG GW620? I got a slight headaches immediately after a 2-minute phonecall last night.  I was meeting some friends, so phonecalls were necessary in order for coordinating a bunch of habitual late-comers.  After 5 or 6 very quick phone calls last night, I came home with a migraine.

Why not use the supplied hands-free? Because I can listen to music on my phone up to 10 hours a day. The SE W850i and my iPod Touch is heaven for people like me.  Android phones are well-known energy guzzlers. I’m very afraid with listening to music, the phone might die within an hour. I don’t have an extra battery.

Enough said.  next post, my thoughts on Android as a newbie, beginner, new-comer, whatcha y’ma call it.

Going Android with LG GW620

Got my paws on the LG GW620 on Tuesday evening!  I didn’t have a choice in colours, but luckily it’s the black/silver set, rather than the black/blue set that is in all the LG GW620 videos going around the web right now.

(I borrowed these images from GSMArena, none of them belong to me)

You can find specs here, and there are also numerous unboxing vids and reviews going around, so there’s no point in doing one more, especially since I have no experience in doing one anyway. I’ll just share a few observations and notes below. I’m switching from mainly standard Symbian phones, most recently, the Nokia E75, which I have to say I disliked.  I’ve also been using the iPod Touch as my standard mp3 player/everything-else-device-as-long-as-there’s-wireless.

First glance:

Having gotten used to the 3.5″ screen on the iPod Touch, the 3″ screen estate is rather miserable. Considering that there are some 30,000 (? and growing) apps in the Android Market, 3 screens are not enough estate. Also, I find if you’re the type, like me, to put images of your latest idol craze on your phone, screen estate reduces by a lot more.

– Resistive screen: Not the best choice. I’m not the hugest fan of touch screens, especially with my experience with the LG Viewty and HTC Touch (wrong/empty/incomplete SMSes). So far, the best experience has been the iPod Touch, especially with it’s silky smooth matte screen protector. I’ve tried out the HTC Dream capacitive screen from a friend some time back, and that seems good too.

I’m now looking to protect my GW620, mine still has the tacky protector that comes with all new phones, but there seems to be a lack of screen protectors (and all other accessories) made especially for this relatively unpopular phone.

With the world getting used to the sleek lines of the iPhone and the HTC Android family, this phone looks quite bulky with the curved sides, top and bottom, and the slide-out keyboard. I’m not a fan of the physical aspect of the phone.

Material used feels plasticky and cheap, especially coming from the all-metal Nokia E75. The plastic on the front half seems to be a fingerprint magnet, especially with the 2 hard keys at the bottom (can’t ascertain till I take out the protective plastics). The back is matte plastic, which I like, as it’s not slippery, but I can see it getting scratched very soon as I’m not the gentlest of people with my gadgets.

The phone is also rather heavy, as compared to the E75, probably due to the huge battery that compensates for Android’s power sucking.

This theme is not conducive for long posts, so I’m stopping here for now. My likes and dislikes in the next post. Now back to more Android Market-ing.