Happy Star Wars Day 2014

It is 4th May.  Happy Star Wars Day! May The Force Fourth Be With You.

There are some #MayThe4thSG activities happening at Jurong Regional Library to celebrate Star Wars Day.  I am not sure why there is suddenly such huge interest this year, but drop by if you are in the neighbourhood.  I absolutely love the poster.


New Look … Again

I think the thing I love best about blogging is not blogging, but playing around with the themes and look and feel of the blog.

Maybe I should change jobs heh

New look again, this time to Andreas09 so that nicthegeek a wannabegeek and nicthegeek goes android look similar 🙂


nicthegeek goes android

but, what’s the point, actually?

thirty eight years

born thirty-eight years ago

went to school twenty-eight years ago, and was told to keep my mouth shut and toe the line

went out to work eighteen years ago, and was told that that was the rest of my life

changed things around eight years ago so that that wasn’t the rest of my life

i’d like to shake things up even more and see a different nicthegeek eight years down the road

check back here in 2018 and see what happens

Cabin fever

So, after 4.5 days at home with nothing to do, I’m getting a bit of cabin fever.  I always feel this way whenever I spend too much time at home, and too much time at home equates too much time on the computer.

It always always starts out with my bones feeling like no amount of stretching will get that itchy feeling out of them.  It’s starting now.

Thank goodness I don’t live in a cabin. who knows what I’ll get.

DNA 國家體育場 2010

這一夜,那個地方,我們很熟悉,他們很陌生。我的心情不像平時的激昂高亢,反而在他們的音樂中,找到了老朋友,安祥,和平,幸福。不需要握手,更不需要眼神,因爲我們知道,我們彼此了解。 這就是。。。我們的烏托邦

DNA or how my heart skipped a beat

It’s quite amazing, really.

I haven’t been looking forward to 17 April 2010 all that much. My mind has been cornered by Korea dramas, entertainment shows and songs.

Amazingly, as I grudgingly turned on the DNA concert on my iPod Touch this morning, and my heart had to skip a beat at so many songs.

It’s still there after so many years. What did they put in their songs?