thirty eight years

born thirty-eight years ago

went to school twenty-eight years ago, and was told to keep my mouth shut and toe the line

went out to work eighteen years ago, and was told that that was the rest of my life

changed things around eight years ago so that that wasn’t the rest of my life

i’d like to shake things up even more and see a different nicthegeek eight years down the road

check back here in 2018 and see what happens


Cabin fever

So, after 4.5 days at home with nothing to do, I’m getting a bit of cabin fever.  I always feel this way whenever I spend too much time at home, and too much time at home equates too much time on the computer.

It always always starts out with my bones feeling like no amount of stretching will get that itchy feeling out of them.  It’s starting now.

Thank goodness I don’t live in a cabin. who knows what I’ll get.

Looking back at blogs

Listening to: Mr. (from HK, who’s lead singer sounds like Eason)

Looking back at my blog posts have been interesting. Not that I’m narcissistic or anything. Maybe just a little? I think my writing blahing complaining was a lot more fluid back then. Better command of English? Lost my knack?  IDK. Maybe it’s time to gain back that superior command I had over my language skills, AND swear words, I had back then.

Talk about narcissistic. ^_^

Well, my number of posts have been stuck at 666 for a long time, and it’s giving me the shivers. This post was just an excuse to up it to 667.

Miss Blogging

I miss blogging…but with my time divided between work (bleah), net surfing for work, net surfing for fun, Facebook and the various time-consuming games, GuildWars Prophecies Factions and Nightfall, DiabloII, trying out SilkRoadOnline, trying out other MMORPGs, waiting for GuildWars 2, waiting for DiabloIII, watching Taiwanese dramas, watching Korean dramas, watching American dramas and sleeping, where do I find the time to blog?


And now I’m confused over the WordPress dashboard….don’t know where to go and find what I need… urghhh