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err, heh, ok maybe I’m trying too hard….



Mafians suddenly all very 感性, talking about escaping to other worlds or living our own lives. Then again, we’ve earned the right to be 感性. We’ve paid our dues. We’ve paid with a little blood, tons of sweat (replaced again with tons of 100Plus) and quite a bit of tears along the way. We’ve paid with 4-6 years of our lives. We’ve paid up hours and days of our time at a stretch. We’ve paid up with loads of cab-fare. And we’ve paid up heart-loads of love and emotion along the way. I know I definitely did, although many might think not.

Eight months ago, I wanted to stop, and if it meant sacrificing the friendship, I thought ‘so be it’. As long as they wanted to tread the path towards boy-band-ism, I couldn’t and wouldn’t follow. Those were my principles. Along the way, during these eight months, I realised no matter how strong my principles were, I couldn’t give up the mafia. The mayday mafia, along the way, somehow, I don’t know when, had become, just, the mafia. From a bunch of fans, we became a bunch of friends. It wasn’t us and them anymore. It was just us. It didn’t matter whether it was 9 or 9 + 5. Eight months down this road, I realise that. Us, we are the important ones. We talk too much, laugh too loud, drink not nearly enough, eat too little (^__^), spend too much, sing too loud, take up too much space, sleep too little, cry a little bit (some of us too much), and we love music too much, to give it all up.

Have I given them up? I really haven’t decided yet. I thought I hated a few of them, I know I love a couple of them. After 0910, I just feel sorry for all of them. You can see it in their eyes and their faces. My poor 石頭 has lost the sparkle in his eyes and his friendly chubby-cheeked grin. All I saw was du-lan-ness and ‘canIgetthefuckoutofhere??!!’. I’ve told myself before, ‘if they turn back, so will I’. But there is no turning back. We’re all moving forward, towards our own destinations. My path has once again turned, not joining theirs again, but I’ll turn into it, if and when I want to. All that matters is, the mafia are there.

人一踏進黑社會﹐ 就永遠逃不出來。 金盆洗手﹖﹖ wait long long!!

we, the mafia

ladies and gentlemen, please welcome … the mafia!!

^___^ it’s been a long long time, too long…yes i’m that dependent on friends for my happiness. I’m glad we’re back. There are still questions I’d like to ask (i need some answers for my tears :P), and I can sense she might have too (or am i thinking too much, as usual *bish*), but maybe now is not the right time. someday…

For now, for me, Sept 17th is declared as mafia day.

thanks thanks thanks to this bunch of gangsters from the bottom of my heart ^____^ now i can finally say 疼你們還來不及噢!!!

Copyright material

must start copyrighting my 名言 now, imagine everytime a member of the Mayday mafia for example chris or latte uses my copyrighted 名言, i can collect $0.50 (just like KBOX!) and then I’ll be rich! then i can use the Mayday Mafia member’s money to pay for the website!

it’ll be like money laundering! except that i have no idea how money gets laundered! that is, except for the times i leave my $2 notes in my jeans pocket and dump them in the washing machine.

So copyrighted material as follows :

i) Mayday Mafia ©

ii) the idea that Masa and the word handsome cannot be used in the same sentence © (except in cases like this when you’re trying to tell pple that Masa and the word handsome cannot be used in the same sentence)

iii) 疼你還來不及 © (only to be used on members of the Mayday mafia when they get insulted by each other)

This list shall continue…every usage of each phrase or idea above will cost S$0.50, payable to trenix. of course, if you’re a Mayday mafia, you can pay for my Taipei trip and I can let you have free usage for 6 months. and if you’re one of the 5 神的孩子, you can use them for free forever ^___^