my 3-minute passion, or, on again off again

I stopped my bass lessons early this month, telling Lester I would prob continue again with him some time in August. My decision then was due partially to the fact that I wasn’t sure (a) whether I would be happily employed ergo happily paid by the time August comes and (b) I didn’t have much enthusiasm to carry on playing bass alone in my room.

Since then I haven’t touched my bass, not even cleaned it. I’ve been looking at it though, wondering if my decision to stop would be temporary or permanent. To make it permanent would be a pity, seeing as how Lester had decided I could progress on to learning how to write simple bass lines…(again, he could just be speeding up the process so he wouldn’t have to endure me for much longer :P). To make the decision temporary, would mean that I would pick up the bass again for no purpose whatsoever, since my dream has slipped away from me anyway.

Saturday night, I was reading blogs, and as usual, took the usual route through the mafias’ blogs. Chris finally updated with an entry saying that Bon Jovi’s “This Ain’t A Love Song” was on repeat mode in her earphones. It made me think of the first fast song which I ever managed to play on the bass, Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer”.

Right now, I’m itching to pick up the bass again. But…to what end…for what reason?


Ibanez GSR200FM – update

Just rechecked at Swee Lee on Wednesday, and yup, the one I saw IS the transparent blue flame maple top. 600 bucks singapore.

But I can’t bear to sell away my Yamaha RBX650, especially now that Davis has managed to lower the action beautifully for me.

And I can’t afford the space to place a 2nd bass in my room. I think my dad would take the 2 basses and dump it on my head in my sleep.

oh well, it’s not like I can afford the 600 bucks anyway.

Ibanez GSR200FM

remember this:

Another fit of lunacy hit again, almost exactly 1 year later (I’ve been holding off on blogging this for as long I could have).

Is this not THE sexiest thing you’ve ever seen? Lester let me try out his Ibanze Ibanez Soundgear a couple weeks ago (hey I spell Ibanze Ibanez like Stone does lol). The narrow neck and gorgeously low low action is to die for.

I don’t think this transparent blue flamed maple top is available in Singapore though (hopefully).

copyright Ibanez

it curves! it curves!

oy, crap. geh kiang go and try adjusting the neck on my bass coz I wanted a lower action. I think I gave it one-too-many- twists on the truss rod, now the action is still the same and the curve on the neck is bloody obvious and I can’t play properly (yes, could be an excuse). The strings keep buzzing coz they feel too loose. I gotta go down somewhere and and spend money to get it adjusted properly. nabeh.

*piak forehead*? let’s go 1 step further

haven’t really been touching my bass, especially after I came back from HK. The excuse is coz work is just too tiring, but aiya, excuses excuses. Now excuse until, today when I went for my lesson, I actually FORGOT how to play my scales. *OMG* jialat man!!!! Lester couldn’t take it and he laughed and told me don’t anyhow go outside and tell people I’m Lester’s student *malu*… and I think he said the word ‘practice’ to me at least 20 times.

*bash forehead against wall*


昨天,不知道在幹嗎,大姆指在 iPod 上竟然滑到 五月天>愛情万歲,還按了 Play。在回家的路上,不知不覺聽了數十遍的<有你的將來>。

今天突然間心頭燃起一個好久都沒有在想的念頭:去 KTV 猛點 Mayday的歌來發泄。好久不見,你好,好高興你回來了。

昨晚,第一次看 Superband,感覺好凌亂,好 schizophrenic,整個節目就好想第一支表演的‘band‘Amber,都不知道倒抵是要走什麼路纖。 *猛搖頭* 可怜的牛奶。。。太糟踏這位跳舞天才了吧。除了他之外,許環良應該是這個節目的唯一救星,真的可以看得出他是唯一位懂什麼叫“樂團“的意思跟含意的裁判, 。。。朋友,妳這次選對了老板,關他平時是不是都躺在studio的地上,哈!

看完 Superband,引起昨天的第二個好久都不敢想的念頭,玩 band。算看看,我還省下1年3個月 05天的時間,看來是沒希望了吧,你還回來纏著我幹嗎,殘念ね。 駒,對不起。

student from hell

how ah? my bass instructor asked me the question again yesterday!! aiyo, die la, I still thought he was going to give it up, but he still tell me ‘so what are u waiting for?? go for it already‘. Luckily he could still grin after the torture I put him through over the last 1.5 hours

It’s possible I might die during one of these lessons one day. practice at home so la-di-da-easy, go there only, he will go ‘eh eh, control your fingers…1 finger 1 fret…keep ur fingers close to the fretboard…don’t curl up your little finger…you’re supposed to be at G, don’t start sliding down to G#‘. So then how? I start fumbling la.

Actually up till now, it was still ok coz mainly playing by tabs, happily just look and play, no need to read anything (even though I did fuck up the 2 bass lines he let me start practicing 1 month ago, poor him, want to jam with me also cannot). of course, clever me still thinks it’s all easy peasy and never bothered to find out the notes on the strings or intervals or scales or whatever. Good lo, clever.

So yesterday he says, ‘come, play C major scale‘ and I grin ‘easy la’…’D major scale?‘ ‘ok, can’…’E major scale? ‘ ‘hmm, E, E, oh there it is’, ‘A major scale?‘, ‘ah, fuck, where’s A?’. The he goes ‘play C major scale over 2 octaves‘ and I go *stunned* ‘wait, let me figure out slowly’. ‘E and A scale over 2 octaves?’ *cry* So he bo pian, have to show me.

Then he said ‘you know all these things you played just now, they’re mainly intervals‘, and I felt my smile freezing on my face. Intervals on a piano keyboard were at least easy to figure out, coz you just counted the number of keys. On a guitar neck? errrr… So now I have to figure out by myself and learn all the intervals. Octaves, major thirds, minor thirds, fifths, perfect fourths, and sevenths…and this is just for this lesson…there’s more to come .

Later on, he says, he’ll be teaching me bass chords and how to develop bass lines from there. *stunned*

Yesterday’s highlight had to be when he presented me with 10 sets of 2 bars each, just a basic little bass line of 2 bars, I still thought ‘aiya, innocent-looking, ok la‘…yeah innocent my ass lo. ‘Go back and try to transpose each of these 2 bars into a bass line, try something bluesy or jazzy…I demo a few examples‘ and he proceeded to play at least 8-10 bars each. *stunned stunned stunned + fuckity fuck fuck fuck* As if I can do it like that… I hope he didn’t mistake the look of panic on my face for enthusiasm.

I hope I don’t torture him even more next lesson. Am I a student from hell or what?

reticent no more

Listening to : 輕鬆玩 《我要輕鬆玩》yah yah, I went to Visma again…我知道我敗家

Watched Flo’s band perform for the 2nd time today, it’s great to see the improvement over just 1 week! 🙂 very happy for her and her band-mates. (Pics here, huge file warning!) ohh, title of this post is not to suan you hor! (altho I am wondering whether I heard the correct word :P)

Hey, btw, any of you are super 阿嶽 fans? coz I do find that your Happily Ever After has shades of him, especially in the guitars near the end 😛 It’s so cool!!

Image hosted by

Watching them also reminds me of my lost dream. Should have gone for it back then, but I guess most of us, well actually only me and Shan, were more caught up in work and studies, a legacy passed down from our parents and our parent’s parents. I don’t regret getting my English degree (‘cept the bad results), but I should have done so much more during those 4 years.

shoulda, coulda, woulda…I can talk all about my lack of talent, lack of drive, lack of friends who wanted to do it too, but i guess if I had really wanted to, I would have already done something about it. Talk, talk, talk, yep, that’s me, nicthe’NATO’geek. No Action Talk Only.

Now my bass instructor is also asking me whether I’m playing with a band. Sometimes I tell him ‘not yet’, sometimes I tell him ‘cannot find’. Actually the answer I want to give him is ‘people my age don’t dream about playing in bands anymore’. I think he may probably give up and stop asking soon.

Actually I still do dream la, why do you think I’m wearing black nail polish, other than it looks cool against the white iBook? I’m shallow la, shallow. (anybody wants to 收留 a middle-aged crappy person who wants to but duno how to playbass?)…偶而發發白日夢 won’t hurt anybody but myself. But I think I’m gonna have to give that up soon. Should I sell my bass too? 不舍得.

Never mind, I still have the new fan club to set up 😀 (can I be your roadie though? It’s waaaay cooler than being a groupie… imagine being 張老師 versus being little old us, which one cooler?! But I have zero music and technical knowledge hahaha) If only those girls would settle on a name LOL.

BB-414 bass guitar

Yamaha BB-414
Image hosted by

Fell in love with this model when I was surfing around some music sites looking for bass teachers. It really looks damn cool, right down to the soap bar pickups. I’m seriously considering buying it, (Luther tentatively quotes SGD700), so I must be seriously afflicted with lunacy. I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PLAY BASS PROPERLY!! So what the heck am I slobbering over this for? Maybe one day, when I’ve learnt how to play properly, I’ll come get you BB-414 🙂

When it comes to instances like this, I’m glad I’m not rich. Think of all that impluse buying … *shiver*

I’ve been thinking about taking up lessons again for a few weeks now, and maybe getting some jamming practice much later on, when I’m actually good. Flo’s just asked me to play for her band again. So I went surfing looking for bass teachers, and this person had just placed an ad at Luther Music today, looking for bass students. I’ve just sent off an email to him. Just this minute, my mum switched on the TV again, and guess what, BB King is jamming on a tribute program to Ray Charles. BB King leh, king of bass leh.

Maybe it’s a sign. I really think it’s a sign. Just like the one Stone gave me that time. ^_^ If Ka Kui or Ka Keung can give me a sign now, I’ll really know I’m doing the right thing.