Smarter cities, happier nicthegeek?

This is really weird and out-of-the-blue, but I’d love to attend one of these smart cities/urban renewal/city infrastructure conferences just once.

Smarter Cities KL 2012


I’m not an architect or urban planner or traffic controller, which is too bad, because I’ve always had a fascination with city infrastructure and urban planning. Just look at the amount of time I spend playing city-building games ranging from Simcity to Emperor.

Hmm, maybe I wouldn’t make a good urban or city planner after all, and perhaps I wouldn’t understand all the technicalities and jargon, but it would still be fascinating to listen in at sessions that provide ideas to encourage citizens to make smarter choices about how they live, work and travel; or to manage urban sprawl and reduce a city’s carbon footprint.

The website design and navigation is pretty sexy as well.






Wow, I’m really busy

My friends always wonder why I tell them that I’m so busy…not only my friends, my bosses and my teacher  too.  Why am I always so busy that I can’t work on a report at home or finish up some quick simple homework? I wondered for the longest time and finally figured out why:

🙂  I’m sorry I’m always busy, but I’m really am…and it’s ruining my life 😛

What’s pixelated and wastes my time? *love*

I must be mad…With WoW already taking up 90% of my free time, (korean class 1%, sleep 8%), I went and downloaded YET another time-waster on the iPhoneeeee!

Behold, Tiny Tower for iPhone and iPad! It’s pixelated! And it picked up 1 million downloads in 4 days!

Tiny Tower lets you build a tiny tower and manage the businesses and bitizens that inhabit it!

★Make money to build new types of floors and attract bitizens to live and work inside.

★Special events and VIP visitors will earn you special perks as you build your tower towards the clouds.

★Customize the look and placement of each floor and the bitizens that live in them, and upgrade your elevator.

★Game Center integration to let you see your friends towers, back up your game and earn awards.

★See what is on your bitizens’ minds by peeking at the “BitBook” virtual social network for your tower!








Being a fan of that ancient SimTower, I couldn’t resist.  I’ve now downloaded it for less than 24 hours so far, up to only the 6th floor, and am already being driven cutesily mad by constant demands to restock food in my Mexican restaurant, and hats in my hat shop. I have 2 apartment floors where random pixelated Bitizens moved in with each other (no hanky-panky, they’re pixelated!), they’re working in the above-mentioned shops, and not very happy. I’m trying to get a creative department and another apartment going.

Once I’m in, I can’t resist that red elevator (lift for us Singies) call sign to bring yet another pixelated little character (known as Bitizens or sometimes it’s a VIP) to some random floor in my tower. The pixelated little Bitizens even have a little pixelated FaceBitBook that allows you peeks into your Bitizens’ thoughts and status updates.  I obviously don’t have enough friends on Facebook.













Did I mention I love pixelated? 🙂  I wonder if @NimbleDave would come visit my tower as a VIP some day.

Cloudhoof – 8 notches down, 40 to go

Levels, that is…

Spent the whole weekend grinding through Stonetalon Mountains, and finally made it to Desolace.  I hate Desolace btw, it’s grey.  I, or rather Cloudhoof, got turned into a Naga, which I thought was disgusting. I abhor snakes and snake-like things, and the only pleasure I take from Nagas are beating them to a bloody pulp then looting them blind.  *shudder*

I *DID* NOT touch any naughty spots!

Couldn’t make it to Level 40 though, coz I spent too much time looking for places and stuff.  Is it me, or have location markers (or at least that big yellow arrow in the mini-map) are less clear?  I spent at least 1 hour running around Krom’gar Fortress when the bloody cave was RIGHT BELOW ME! FML.. And a couple of peons said I touched their naughty spots! Ewwwww!! I wouldn’t touch their spots, naughty or otherwise!

Of course, the 2-hour outage caused by a lousy crackly phone line, and an even lousier ISP drove me out of the house to RL, wasting leaving me 4 less hours of game-time.

I think I need to figure out add-ons. Especially the Cartographer one. But I can’t seem to, I tried the extremely simple instructions on Curse, but it doesn’t work!…which is why I’m only a WANNABE geek.

WoW n00b bL0gg3R

wow, best subject line ever.

Should I blog about WoW too? I still don’t understand how can it be that I’ve played on and off for 1 year, but my main is still at Level 30 (well, 32 as of last night, and Cloudhoof, my Tauren Warrior, is hawt!), while my Alt is still at Level 16 (I love Undead! Victory to Sylvanas!).  To all the WoW elites out there, I’m still the n00biest of the n00bs.

My main reason about blogging WoW, if I do start, would be because, I don’t understand what’s going on. Oh I know what vanilla, BC, WotLK, and Cata mean. I know how to get around and kill monsters. But when it comes to professions, talents, glyphs, PvP, battlegrounds, dungeons, instances, Horde vs Alliance, WoWspeak (LFG mage +320 DPS blah blah blah) and spammers (will farm gold, 30000gold for US$5.00!!), I’m confused, information over-load.  Don’t get me wrong, hey, I’ve gamed quite a bit in my life, and I’m not talking The Sims either. My last and favouritest RPG remains as Diablo 2, which on hindsight, is a LOT easier.

But with WoW. I took a long time coming to WoW. I had my doubts, as many did, about paying that monthly fee to play. In fact I scoffed at it (D2 is free-to-play, wth!).  Finally in 2008, for some reason that I don’t remember, I signed up for a trial W0W account (free! for 10 days), downloaded what was needed, signed in, and *boom* I got stuck.  There’s something about RPGs, or MMORPGs in this case, the creation of your character (aka your toon, one of many words WoW players use that I loathe), – from race and class, to skin colour and facial hair -, that you get to run around waving a sword or a staff in cool armour (well, for higher level chars anyway), that you get to visit towns, villages, cities etc.  The world of any RPG (in my case, it must be medieval or the LOTR equivalent) just satisfies something in me.

So finally I persuaded some friends to buy me the WoW Battlechest (that one there, on the left) for my birthday, and went into a frenzy of paying, downloading, installing and creating.  Then 3 months later and US$50 poorer, I wondered…I play less than 4 hours a week, what I am doing, paying Blizzard US$15 a month (equiv to almost S$20 or 6 bowls of fishball kuay teow) when it costs me US$1 every hour.  So I did it, I quit. Uninstalled everything and got on with my real life, congratulating myself on not having spent even more money on WotLK.

Only to sign up for another trial account in mid-2010, playing the 10day trial, and then deciding to rejuvenate my old account and characters. Why? I think it was a mix of reading too much about Diablo 3 (so when are you coming anyway) so missing the RPG genre, coupled with too much free time at work (so I could research…WoW Newbie Guide, anyone), and getting sick of Guild Wars (which I picked up late again when GW2 was about to be announced) because everything was instanced, and therefore creepy because you were alone in the world except for the monsters and a couple of NPCs.

Why am I writing this? Because, while playing WoW, one does research online, and one comes across information and blogs that match oneself, and gets inspired (not only to play, but to blog as well) by Sorority Girl Plays WoW, not because one is a sorority girl, but just of the female persuasion, and WoW Alone, because the reasons why I play alone will come in another blog post.

So here I am, at the tail-end of a 6-month subscription, wondering if I should just pay cold hard cash for digital copies of WotLK and Cata, and of course, a year subscription up-front.


It’s finally over. I can put ol’ Will Shakespeare behind me now, tho it was an experience studying him this year. Problem is Halliday and Fairclough and company…I might see them again in a re-sit exam next year. Well, can’t tell till I get my results anyway. 10 weeks more and counting…
At least I can get back to Simcity and Diablo 2 again. My Lvl 44 necromancer has been in cold storage long enough ^_^