New tag? Mineral Mondays?

I’m not looking to become some sort of makeup blogger, but having (finally!) discovered mineral makeup, it’s no point just saving up my thoughts in Evernote, is there?  And apologies first to friend/s who still read this and have zero interest in makeup.  Come back later this week for more normal daily blogs 😀

So I know mineral makeup has been around for a long time, and I think many makeup bloggers and gurus got into them maybe in the late noughties? But I’ve never heard of them or tried them till late last year.  Starting with a Bare Minerals Refillable Buffing Brush, I finally discovered something that was pretty okay for my skin, and so have been going around trying to discover new products.  Normal loose powders or even compact powders applied with a sponge (new!) make me break out, and mattifying ones even more badly. I’m just too oily to even risk liquid foundations and BB creams, especially in our crazy hot weather.

I know I know, the fad for mineral makeup is long since dead, mineral makeup isn’t the purest form of makeup around, there are minerals and stuff in it that people are allergic to or make them break out really badly. But hey, it’s good..for me…I’ve been using it for more than half a year, and still have not encountered anything bad yet. I’m not recommending it, just blogging about it.

So other than Bare Minerals, which I actually quite love only they’re rather on the costly side, the other brand that used to be highly recommended is Everyday Minerals, and their free 7-piece sample kit (just pay for shipping), so being Singaporean and loving freebies, I mosied on over and tried it out for myself.  Here’s the samples.

sm_olive_medium_2  sm_medium_tan_2  it_golden_medium_2_1  m_medium_beige_2  mt_light_medium_1_1  everydaybronzer_7  finishing11

From L-R: Semi-Matte Olive Medium, Semi-Matte Medium Tan, IT Golden Medium, Matte Medium Beige, Matte Light Medium, Everyday Bronzer, Finishing Dust. (erm sorry for the bad job in grabbing images, Evernote doesn’t have the ability to resize images by pixel.)

Semi-Matte – Olive Medium (For medium to tan olive complexions with yellow undertones).

My note: It’s the 8th darkest shade in Semi-Matte. Actual colour is a lot more dull brown, like sandy/rocky brown.  Tried out on 24th June, hot sticky day about 35degC.  Looked slightly more tanned than usual, lol. I also thought I started oxidising even before finishing eyeshadow.  But still looked not too awful dark at the end of the day.  Maybe I can try it out as a bronzer and try to slim my triple chin and neck with it 😀  Also, maybe because it’s hot and humid, I didn’t like the texture all that much, perhaps because I’m used to BM being so matte and dry.

Semi-Matte – Medium Tan (For medium to tan complexions with golden undertones)

My note: it’s the 4th darkest shade in Semi-matte.  I don’t think this will suit me, since Olive Medium already makes me look slightly more tanned than usual.  Again maybe I can try this out as a bronzer.

IT Base – Golden Medium (For light to medium complexions with yellow and olive undertones)

My note: it’s the 2nd darkest shade in IT.

Matte Base – Medium Beige (For medium complexions with peach and pink undertones)

My note: 13th darkest shade in Matte.  It’s more for pinky skin though, so I doubt if this is for me.

Matte Base – Light Medium (For light to medium complexions with yellow and pink undertones)
Everyday Bronzer (Everyday Bronzer has light-reflecting qualities so it gives skin a luminescent glow)
Finishing Dust (Everyday Minerals Finishing Dusts are translucent powders that serve to set your makeup and get rid of excess shine. They are suitable for all skin shades, from Fair to Light to Medium to Dark.)

Thoughts after the 1st try: Looking at the base colours side by side (first 5 colours), the first one already makes me slightly more tanned than I usually like, so it might seem that I’ve made all the wrong choices in picking out colours.  I have to say that pictures and colour shades on the EM website are really misleading, which is not great because it’s makeup after all.  

Also, after using Bare Minerals Matte (Fairly Light) and Ready (Neutral) foundations, the Semi-Matte from EM doesn’t seem to be as oil-absorbing so it made me slightly uncomfortable after only 15mins. Of course, today seemed to be the hottest and most humid day so far this year.  The one thing is, BM Matte and Ready do look slightly cakey if I don’t bother to buff buff buff, although it could partially be due to the light shade I chose (just erring on the too light for me side), and to them being very matte, while EM looks slightly more natural.

Will try to get another sample kit again, this time with lighter shades.