Singapore F1 night race in 3D glory

I’m not really into cars or racing, and all the road closures are giving me a headache.  It took me over 1/2 hour to make it to bugis for lunch today, because all the buses plying those routes have been diverted.

But the whole F1 night race hoo-ha is really…quite exciting.  and this video makes it really cool:

i want free tix for singapore F1 night race…

😀  or just a corner to watch it for free?  anybody know of any corner to watch the night race? see the race map with bouncing icons.

well, actually it’d be less of watch, and more of being deafened.  at max speeds in excess of 300kmh, we’d just be left in a cloud of dust, but it’d still be fun!

i wonder if the speedsters in sg now feel they have to challenge the “new speed limit”?