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My first overseas trip was back in 1988, at least, that’s what my first passport says. Memory tells me it was a school field trip to Kukup, I think I was in primary school (hahahahaha!).  There are numerous stamps for several countries in Asia in my 3 passports (to date) but I can’t remember what those trips were about. Age is catching up faster than my memory, looking back at these dates, I now have to use a calculator to check how old I was then, so this page will serve as official memories.


1991.06.16 – 1991.06.20 Hong Kong First-ever flying trip!! Hong Kong, the land of my dreams. This was with a couple of classmates back then. We seldom keep in touch now, since they both married, but I still keep in touch with HK!


1996.03.01 – 1996.03.12 Hong Kong -> Macau -> Shenzhen Ten memorable days. This trip remains one of the most memorable to date. I went with a classmate who was a fellow Beyond fan, to watch one of their first concerts after he passed away. Watched 2 nights. 2 particular scenes have stayed with me all this while, 他的悲傷, 他的憤怒.  It was worth staying in a dingy hostel in 北角 that was meant for Chinese nationals who just came down looking for work.  And back then, we still needed visas to get into China, even Shenzhen.


2004.07.11 – 2004.07.24 Hong Kong If memory serves me, this was a training trip to my office’s HK office…2 weeks in HK, a dream 🙂

2004.09.25 – 2004.09.?? Bangkok, Thailand First trip to BKK, I thk lovefool was there on a biz trip, so I tagged along for the free hotel.


2005.01.05 – 2005.01.15 Taiwan First-ever time to Taiwan, with mmafia. 9 of us squashed into 1 hotel room, the memories! On hind-sight, 10 days in Taipei is a bit too much 🙂

2005.01.25 – 2005.01.30 Hong Kong Almost 10 years later, my second Beyond concert in HK, this time with Chris and Jean. They had mellowed by then.

2005.06.30 – 2005.07.03 Pulau Redang, Terangganu, Malaysia This should be the date for my first Redang trip. I love the place coz being a beach bum is the best thing in the world.  It’s one of my want-to-retire-there spots! I have no idea when I’ll make it back again…perhaps sometime this year in 2010?

2005.12.23 – 2005.12.26 Bangkok, Thailand Second trip to BKK, this time alone, shopping!! It was also cold as hell (who ever thought BKK would be cold) and I almost froze, one of the few times in my life.


2006.04.04 – 2006.04.10 Hong Kong

2006.07.19 – 2006.07.24 Taiwan 這次好像是一直都在台北。 Yet another MD concert 😛


2007.10.06 – 2007.10.14 Tokyo, Japan First trip to Japan, Japan is the yummiest city ever! I love Japan…wonder when will be my next trip…it’s too expensive for yearly travel.

2007.12.12 – 2007.12.17 Marrakech, Morroco First trip out of Asia, probably my last? For office annual trip, first and last too 😛


2008.04.18 – 2008.04.20 Genting Highlands, Malaysia another trip for MD concert…am I wasting money?

2008.05.30 – 2008.06.01 Hong Kong crazy 3 day trip to HK just for MD concert *hmmm*

2008.08.29 – 2008.08.30 Batam Office Team Building

2008.09.30 – 2008.10.04 Penang, Malaysia with colleagues for food!

2008.12.27 – 2009.01.04 Taiwan 跨年!這次是 台北->台中->台北. 太陽餅是好吃的!


2009.02.06 – 2009.02.09 KL, Malaysia PMI Global Congress 2009

2009.05.16 – 2009.05.21 Perth, Australia First trip to Australia, all by myself, because there were cheap Jetstar tickets ^_^

2009.08.07 – 2009.08.16 Taiwan First time to 墾丁! Met Typhoon Morakot… 台北->高雄->墾丁->台北. 下次要再去墾丁,到時要學會騎腳車…機車算了吧, 沒能力 😛

2009.11.21 – 2009.11.28 Shanghai, China Visiting Sharkie who’s working there


2010.2.19 – 2010.02.25 Melbourne, Australia PMI Global Congress 2010

2010.7.12 – 2010.7.29 Boston, Mass Seems like my new company is sending me there for training! First time to the States, wow!

2010.9.10 – 2010.9.19 Taipei, Hualien, Taiwan I think this is only my fourth trip to Taiwan. Not enough!


2011.08.05 – 2011.08.07  Melaka, Malaysia  Short quick but enjoyable trip with L and Q. I love Malaysia coffee!

2011.08.20 – 2011.08.021 Bintan, Indonesia  Another short and quick getaway, to the beach! With ex-colleagues. O

2011.12.29 – 2012.01.03  Taipei, Taiwan  Not much travelling done this year, due to too many chnages in job.  this is my … 5th trip to Taiwan? Still not enough ^^ This coincided with Mayday’s 諾亞方舟 concert too, and I swear I didn’t purposely go for it!



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